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 Article: Are you a DBA?

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Ask SQLTeam Question

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Posted - 2004-09-27 : 10:04:57

Article Link.

Arnold Fribble
Yak-finder General

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Posted - 2004-09-27 : 11:47:24
I'm not sure that's a real DBA - he doesn't have enough fingers crossed.
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SQL Slashing Gunting Master

3246 Posts

Posted - 2004-09-27 : 12:08:40
If I flash the DBA gang sign while on the airplane going to the PASS Summit today, do you think they will drag me off for interrogation causing massive delays for everyone on-board?

Words of Wisdom from AjarnMark, owner of Infoneering
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Pointy Haired Yak DBA

4184 Posts

Posted - 2004-09-27 : 19:33:10
Causing massive delays.......this is great.


When life gives you a lemon, fire the DBA.
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Starting Member

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Posted - 2004-10-04 : 06:56:44

Dont you get it?? He is trying to show dba with his fingers. Well if he is a dba, he wont have time showing these things..

Probably he was a dba, who lost his mind.

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Funky Drop Bear Fearing SQL Dude!

4970 Posts

Posted - 2004-10-04 : 08:17:15
Originally posted by roshkm

Probably he was a dba, who lost his mind.

Who said the two things were mutually exclusive ?

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SQL NASCAR Parsing Chick

107 Posts

Posted - 2004-10-04 : 13:40:56
I always wanted to look like a gangsta. Now I can!

Of course I will have to use the East Coast variation of it. Ya know. Ta git da East Coast / West Coast feud going!

Got some code from Rob. Can anyone help?
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3564 Posts

Posted - 2004-10-06 : 20:53:50
i dont know about that a :-)

But he sure dresses like a dba =)

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Starting Member

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Posted - 2004-10-27 : 21:39:51
I can see the "d" and "b" in his right hand but I can't find the "a" in the left hand... oh wait!!! I found it!!! I forgot to include a "where (left_hand = 1) and (fingers not in [middle, ring, small])" clause in the SELECT statement.

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Master Smack Fu Yak Hacker

4110 Posts

Posted - 2004-11-04 : 02:07:55
ouch, hurt myself there trying to flash the sign. how about a tattoo instead or an amulet of some sort?

keeping it simple...
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Starting Member

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Posted - 2004-11-23 : 13:00:19
That is nice.

Double D.. (Lee's Summit)
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Starting Member

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Posted - 2005-08-27 : 00:44:08
DBA Chyea Chyea all ya'll know we blowin up, dip dip now give it up, shorty wanna hit of my stuff, pass the blunt now blaze it up.
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