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 [SQL-DMO]Code execution exception

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Posted - 2004-10-06 : 11:48:08
I am using SQLDMO backup object in VB6. I am declaring the object WITHEVENTS so I can use the PercentComplete event to update a progress bar. When I execute the SQLBackup method, it creates a legal, restorable backup in the correct location. It also updates the progress bar perfectly. But it raises an error -2147221499 [SQL-DMO]Code execution exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. I have searched the web for this error and haven't found much info in the context that I need. MSDN offers workaround fixes, but not specifically for the sqldmo backup object.
My frustration has reached the point where I'm actually considering trapping and ignoring the error, since I do have valid backups being generated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ronnie Applewhite

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Posted - 2004-10-15 : 03:50:24
Hi Ronnie,

You should add two sub procedure within your form, for example you use DBBackUp as your SQLDMO object name

' declare SQLDMO Object
Dim WithEvents DBBackUP As SQLDMO.Backup

' then add two procedure below
Private Sub DBBackUP_Complete(ByVal Message As String)
' add message that the backup is completed
End Sub

Private Sub DBBackUP_PercentComplete(ByVal Message As String, ByVal
Percent As Long)
' add message or progress bar
End Sub

I hope this message will help you....

Ronnie Anteza
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