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 Compare 2 tables

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Posted - 2004-11-10 : 06:17:54
Is there any way i can compare the records between 2 tables (table a and table b where order id is the same in both) and tell what the difference is between the 2 of them.


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Posted - 2004-11-10 : 07:04:50
use Google to search for a COMPARE script by Viktor Gorodnichenko (it may be on SQL Team too)

EDIT: It can be found here:

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Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2004-11-10 : 08:03:17
[code]Select * from tblA where not exists
Select 1 from tblB
Where tblA.PK=tblB.Pk
)[/code]to find records in tblA that does not exists on tblB


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Dr. Cross Join

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Posted - 2004-11-10 : 09:30:15
also check out:

- Jeff
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SQL Natt Alfen

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Posted - 2004-11-10 : 19:07:49
binary_checksum can in some case give same checksum, see bol.

This will give records that are
1. different
2. in table a but not in table b, and vice versa

a.[order id],
a.col1, a.col2,,,,
b.[order id],
b.col1, b.col2,,,,
( select *, binary_checksum(*) as bchk from a ) as a
full join
( select *, binary_checksum(*) as bchk from b ) as b
on a.[order id] = b.[order id]
a.bchk <> b.bchk
or a.bchk + b.bchk is null

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Posted - 2006-03-17 : 13:26:04
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Dr. Cross Join

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Posted - 2006-03-17 : 13:40:57
golum1 -- I'm sure if you want to advertise at SQLTeam, Graz will be happy to quote you a fair price.
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Posted - 2006-03-17 : 14:30:13
Dont think he's advertising, firefly is free, and it definately goes with the subject of this topic.

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