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Not Just a Number

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Posted - 2004-11-22 : 15:08:50
Not that DTS comes with Express, but from bol...

Not that it'sgoing to tempt me to start using it for anything other than a simple import...but it's interesting to see M$ slam their own product..

So...if anyone thought DTS was/is painful....rejoice....M$ thinks so too


Previous versions of Microsoft SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) provided only a basic set of tasks and transformations, making it difficult to construct packages with complex and repeating workflows, and to apply different types of column-level transformations to data. Also, the graphical tool used to create packages combined the workflow and data flow offering limited control flow semantics.

In Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft redesigned DTS from the ground up, thereby solving the difficulties of these previous versions. DTS enhancements include a new extensible architecture, a new DTS Designer, a multitude of new tasks, looping structures, and transformations, as well as improvements of package management and deployment.



Microsoft SQL Server Product Team

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Posted - 2004-11-28 : 22:52:12
You and I obviously have different definitions of slam. I see this as a recognition of the feedback on the limitations of the current product. That same feedback was used to drive higher investment in the DTS product in SQL2005 to the level at which we felt it was right to rename it.


Euan Garden
Product Unit Manager
SQL Server Tools
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