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 Average Spend Total with date conditions

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Aged Yak Warrior

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Posted - 2004-12-19 : 13:54:47
Here is my question:

I have to calculate the average yearly spend on mobile services of all customers in their first contract year. A customer is defined by Account Number, but can possess many handsets (for example, a corporate company).
We have historical invoice data from Nov 2003 to date. Therefore, I require all the invoices for all the customers that joined in November (1-30) or December (1-to date).

The invoices I have to tally HAVE to fall into the first contract year, and not include the 13th month (therefore, cannot say something like [SELECT SUM(invoices) WHERE ConnectionDate BETWEEN November and December 03 AND last InvoiceDate BETWEEN November and December 04)

The data looks something like this:

AccNo InvNo InvDate InvTotal ConnectDate Terminate
A412613 123 3/12/2004 112374.5600 Nov 1, 2003 Oct 23, 2004
D128070 1234 1/12/2004 2539.2000 Dec 12, 2003 Null
9468427 1235 12/03/2004 96246.1100 April 3, 2003 Null
D128070 1234 1/12/2004 32567.0000 Dec 12, 2003 Null
D128070 12356 24/12/2003 2341.0000 Dec 12, 2003 Null

8965266 3456 13/04/2004 5431096.3300 Dec 01, 2001 Null
8965266 3457 20/04/2004 7298461.2100 Dec 01, 2001 Null[/size=2][/size=1]

Those of interest I have highlighted in Blue. How can I word a query to add up the customer invoice totals for the first 12 months since their contract began?

The final result is to look like this:

Average Spend per Customer for First Contract Year


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Pointy Haired Yak DBA

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Posted - 2004-12-19 : 17:31:37
I'm probably making this too simple. Don't you just want where DATEDIFF(MM,ConnectDate,InvDate) <= 12?


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Aged Yak Warrior

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Posted - 2004-12-21 : 03:35:53

Weheey, nearly christmas! Anyway, back to business, I did think of that, but then I will get the invoices from the customers that may have already disconnected. But then, I thought I could always select a subset of data, and get only those that have not disconnected, or have a termination date that is greater than a year (datediff(yy, Connection_date, Terminate_date)>=1), so basically, your solution would then work! So thanks mate, and have a super dooper christmas!

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