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 sp_SpaceUsed returns incorrect rowcount

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Posted - 2005-01-13 : 07:54:58
Steve writes "I have a table that has 360 rows in it. The query 'Select count(*) from tbl_XX returns 360.

When I execute sp_SpaceUsed 'tbl_XX' the rowcnt field is 358.

I exported the table to Excel and there are 360 rows in it.

What could cause this discrepancy? I would have expeced the sp_SpaceUsed stored procedure to also show 360 rows.

I'm using SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2003 Server.


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Posted - 2005-01-13 : 07:59:01
The row count can be inaccurate unless you run sp_spaceused with the updateusage parameter, or run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE beforehand. Books Online has more information about this.
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