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 How to get date in t-sql

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Posted - 2001-04-25 : 08:56:36
Mike writes "Hi! What is the best way to get
date(yyyy,mm,dd) using t-sql against
sql 2000?

Datepart() returns only a year OR a month OR a day.
Am I missing smth?


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Posted - 2002-08-07 : 22:55:47

Be careful about the size of your log actually. I had a server that was offended at my memory space-filling transaction log. After truncating several and backing up others[logs] I realized I needed to simply delete multiple 1 gig+ files on the server. SQL likes it's space, always respect that.

Truncating your log? <OUCH>

I'll go for the file deletion option EVERY time

(Aw come on! Someone had to say it!)

Guess I should also add (at this point) that probably not a bad idea to wait a while before the creation of little databases too.

I hope that when I die someone will say of me "That guy sure owed me a lot of money"

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Posted - 2002-09-22 : 23:16:43
Which database will be give the best result for getdate() ?


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Posted - 2011-07-12 : 11:28:25
robvolk, hilarious.
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Posted - 2011-07-12 : 13:16:37
Never saw this... but I like it


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Posted - 2011-08-04 : 02:45:14
Write Shane, I agreed by your answer. My ans is also this.
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