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 OUTPUT @count =no of records returnd by dynamic where clause

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Posted - 2005-08-18 : 07:57:22
Arvind writes "i want to create a stored procedure returns an OUTPUT variable containing the no. of records given by a query, the query being dynamic.
Preferrably the query should also be passed as a parameter to the stored procedure...If not,it should be constructed in the SP and a Part of the where clause is dependant on the value of another variable passed to the SP.

How should the query be constructed, executed, and then the Count(*) value returned?

"WHERE <condition1> AND <condition 2> ;

"AND <condition 2> " may exist or may not exist in the query; it is dependant."


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Posted - 2005-08-18 : 08:04:05
Hi Arvind, Welcome to SQL Team!

Something like:

@strWhere varchar(8000),
@intRowCount int OUTPUT
DECLARE @strSelect varchar(8000)

SELECT @strSelect = 'SELECT * FROM dbo.MyTable '

EXEC (@strSelect + @strWhere)
SELECT @intRowCount = @@ROWCOUNT

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