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Posted - 2005-10-10 : 07:07:11
suppose there are two tables emp and amp1
having fields as
table emp
empname empno dessig
sanjeeb 111 manager
rajeeb 112 engineer
table emp1
empname empno
sanjeeb 111
rajeeb 112
rohit 345
now my query is how i'll select
q1>get me the rows available in emp and not in emp1
q2>get me the rows available in emp1 and not in emp
q3>get me the columns available in emp but not in emp1
q4>get me the columns available in emp1 but not in emp

Premature Yak Congratulator

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Posted - 2005-10-10 : 07:25:30
[code]1 Select * from emp T where not exists(Select * from emp1 where empname=T.empname)
2 Exchage table names from 1
3 select Column_name from information_schema.columns T where table_name ='emp'
and not exists(select * from information_schema.columns where table_name='emp1' and column_name=T.Column_name)
4 Exchage table names from 3[/code]
Refer these for basics of SQL queries


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Posted - 2005-10-10 : 08:35:11
Hmmm....some marks for persistance!
None....for originality.
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