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 mssql backup hellppppppp :)

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Posted - 2005-10-14 : 08:13:22
Andy writes "Hi all,

I have been searching the net for hours now in hopes of finding an answer to my question / problem,hope you can help.

Currently i am running accpac with a mssql backend. I am tryint to create some form of backup solution for this using veritas. Now I need to have a very granular restore option. For instance i would like to be able to restore 1 feild and only one feild leaving the rest of the database untouched. Is this possible given the software i have. If so how can i accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!!!"

Aged Yak Warrior

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Posted - 2005-10-14 : 09:43:27
I am not sure if what you say is possible. Do you want to restore a single file to a time before/after the rest of the database? If so, then this is impossible, as the recovery process will roll forward any changes to keep all datafiles at the same point in time.
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Posted - 2005-10-14 : 11:36:46
Won't the integrity of the database be "shot" if you restore one field?

I guess I better need to understand the problem you are wanting to solve, and then maybe I'll be able to think of a solution.

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Almighty SQL Goddess

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Posted - 2005-10-14 : 16:21:07
You'll need to restore the entire database to a separate database name. Then using this new database, you can pull the data from it to your original server. You can do this via T-SQL between the two databases.

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