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 Truncation of data

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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2005-10-27 : 07:38:19
I have the following script

create table tblestimateusage (id_num int IDENTITY(1,1),
est_id varchar(50),
title varchar(200),
flatsize varchar(50),
finishedsize varchar(50),
pages varchar(50),
client_name varchar(150),
process varchar(7000)

insert into tblestimateusage (est_id,title,flatsize,finishedsize,pages, client_name, process) select e.est_id, title, flatsize, finishedsize, pages, client_name, [dbo].[ufn_GetProcesses] ( [est_id] ) from tbltest e
join tblcl c on c.client_id = e.client_id
where est_datetime > '20050901'
select * from tblestimateusage

Which uses the following function

ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[ufn_GetProcesses] ( @ID INT )

DECLARE @ProcessValue VARCHAR(6000)

SELECT @ProcessValue = ISNULL(@ProcessValue + ', ', '') + [process_name] + ' ' + [process_value]
FROM [dbo].[tblmyprocess]
WHERE [est_id] = @ID

RETURN @ProcessValue


This works fine on some occassions but has a problem when either the line hits 8060 bytes then it bombs out or truncating the string via the function.

How do I allow truncation?

Cybernetic Yak Master

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Posted - 2005-10-27 : 07:59:26
have your process filed srt to varchar 6000 and not 7000.

Go with the flow & have fun! Else fight the flow
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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2005-10-27 : 08:10:15
sorry my example is a little misleading they should be the same.

The problem arises when the function attempts to add byte 7001 to @ProcessValue. Rather than noticing it can't add any more and simply returning a truncated variable it decides to blow up with a warning. I want it to return that truncated string (which I know and understand to be down to the page file) and wanted to know how to make sql server accept this
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