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 MS DTC unable to communicate with MS DTC on a remote system

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Posted - 2005-12-12 : 07:18:49
Alun writes "Hi

Now I know this subject has been discussed at some length before, but after reading through all the papers, forums, etc, I still cannot find a solution to my problem.

The error I am getting is:
MS DTC is unable to communicate with MS DTC on a remote system. No common protocol is supported between the 2 systems, et al.

Here is the config:
Cluster Server: Win 2003 Std Edition
SQL Server (both instances on same cluster node): 2K with SP3

The script is running on Instance A & accesses table data on Instance B thru a linked server. Script runs ok in QA, but thru a scheduled task it fails, with the above error in the Event Log.

Obvious answers to obvious questions:
MSDTC is configured (allowing network DTC access, etc) & running using 'Network Service' account.
COM+ is installed.
Table structure & SP are correct.

Help if you can please
Regards & thanks

Pointy Haired Yak DBA

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Posted - 2005-12-12 : 08:36:10
Read the part about configuring DTC here:

Also, make sure you have a network path setup between the two servers with the needed TCP/IP or UDP ports (depending on what kind of network ports you have configured on the SQL Server for remote access).


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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2005-12-12 : 09:24:55
What authentication you are using? If you have Windows 2003 SP1 (I don't notice it in your list above), the default security on MS DTC is Windows auth only. If you are using SQL authentication, you will have to knock that down. See,DTC for details on how to do that.

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