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 Getting Error 17883 on SQL Server 2000 SP4 (8.00.2040)

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Posted - 2005-12-13 : 07:38:12
Tommy writes "We have SQL Server 2000 SP4 (8.00.2040) running on Windows 2003 64 bit edition, and we are getting an error almost every other day in the SQL Server logs. This is causing the job that runs during this time to run 35-50 minutes instead of the 5-8 minutes it runs when the error does not happen.

Here is the error message:

Process 139:0 (17ec) UMS Context 0x0D2E5BE8 appears to be non-yielding on Scheduler 4.

Error: 17883, Severity: 1, State: 0

The error repeats several times, usually about 1 minute apart.

I looked in the Microsoft Knowledgebase, and it appears this error was fixed in SP4, but obviously, it's still happening.

Anyone still getting 17883 on SP4?"

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Posted - 2005-12-15 : 09:49:34
There are still some of these in SP4. Look at your MSSQL\LOG directory. You will likely see a .DMP or a .MDMP file. This is a mini-dump or full dump of the memory stack. You will want to send this off to Microsoft Support. In my experience, they will tell you that your query is the issue, and suggest that you tune your query, but after spending a lot of time on the phone, they agreed that it was a bug in the product. The scheduler, while it is co-operative, it should relinquish resources eventually, which it didn't do here.


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Posted - 2005-12-15 : 19:47:58
Do you know the name/email of the person that argued with you? 17883s are nearly always scheduling/yielding bugs in SQL Server, regardless of what you're doing.


Paul Randal
Lead Program Manager, Microsoft SQL Server Storage Engine
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Posted - 2006-01-11 : 04:47:47
Hi Paul,

We are also running MSSQL 2000 with sp4 and getting the 17883s with the scheduler errors. I have checked the following article but there is no mention of 17883s in it. Could you please let us know what we should do to fix the problem(s)?


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Posted - 2006-02-01 : 11:00:21
I am experiencing the same problem. I am getting 17883 errors and unyielding sheduler processes. This is on a SQL2K DB with SP4 installed. It sits on a Win2003 server with 8 CPUs and 8GB RAM. The error is somewhat sporadic but appears that it might be related to the load the server is under. The database data files reside on a high-end HP SAN that is fiber connected.
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Posted - 2006-02-01 : 11:15:57
There's a few of these fixed in hotfix 2162, are you running that?

Moo. :)
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Posted - 2006-02-01 : 12:47:36
Please note that build 2162 has been pulled from the web due to some issues with it

This download has been removed temporarily due to two problems discovered in this build:

1. The SQL Server 2000 hotfix installer does not work correctly on a cluster installation.
2. When you use the BULK INSERT command, you may experience a 1203 error or an exception error.

This download will be replaced when this problem is resolved. If you are already using build 2162 and you are experiencing these problems, contact Microsoft Product Support.

Jasper Smith
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Posted - 2006-02-02 : 04:05:15
Originally posted by jasper_smith

Please note that build 2162 has been pulled from the web due to some issues with it

Oh dear. SP4 is turning into a bit of a beast.

Moo. :)
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Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2006-02-07 : 02:15:06
There is a new FIX for event ID 17883,please refer to:

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Master Smack Fu Yak Hacker

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Posted - 2007-07-18 : 03:42:44
How about if the system is sql2k5 on win2k3 cluster?
we've recently encountered this error and it was chaotic

I had a not-so-good experience with PS (still waiting for our 3 month ticket to get a solution) so I'm very very hesitant to contact them at this point.


Originally posted by franco

There is a new FIX for event ID 17883,please refer to:


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