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 Execute massive SQL statement

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Posted - 2006-01-03 : 01:49:35

I thought this was a neat solution I came up with, but I'm sure it's
been thought of before. Anyway, it's my first post here.

We have a process for importing data which generates a SELECT statement
based on user's stored configuration. Since the resulting SELECT statement
can be massive, it's created and stored in a text field in a temp table.

So how do I run this huge query after creating it? In my tests, I was
getting a datalength > 20000, requiring 3 varchar(8000) variables in
order to use the execute command. Thing is, I don't know how big it could
possibly get, I wanted to be able to execute it regardless.

Here's what I came up with, it's very simple:

Table is named #IMPORTQUERY, one field SQLTEXT of type TEXT.

declare @x int, @s varchar(8000)

select @x = datalength(sqltext) / 8000 + 1, @s = 'execute('''')' from #importquery

while @x > 0
select @s = 'declare @s' + cast(@x as varchar) + ' varchar(8000) ' +
'select @s' + cast(@x as varchar) +
'=substring(sqltext,@x,@x+8000),@x=@x+8000 from #importquery ' +
replace(@s,'execute(','execute(@s' + cast(@x as varchar) + '+')
, @x = @x - 1

set @s = 'declare @x int set @x=1 ' + @s


At the end, I execute the "@s" variable which is SQL that builds and
executes the massive query. Here's what @s looks like at the end:

declare @x int set @x=1
declare @s1 varchar(8000)
select @s1=substring(sqltext,@x,@x+8000),@x=@x+8000 from #importquery
declare @s2 varchar(8000)
select @s2=substring(sqltext,@x,@x+8000),@x=@x+8000 from #importquery
declare @s3 varchar(8000)
select @s3=substring(sqltext,@x,@x+8000),@x=@x+8000 from #importquery


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Posted - 2006-01-03 : 08:36:47
Hi davidreed, Welcome to SQL Team!

You could also construct the SQL into a number of varchar(8000) variables (albeit with a hard-wired limit on the number):

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Posted - 2006-01-03 : 09:26:11
Thanks for the reply. In fact, that's how I had it written, using (an arbitrary number of) 10 varchar(8000) vars.
This new solution will generate as many varchar(8000)'s as necessary. Well, at ~110 bytes per var for the resulting code, would actually have a max of around 70 varchar(8000)'s returned, for a total possible SQL length of > 500,000 bytes. At that point I'd put the brakes on anyway...

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Posted - 2006-01-03 : 10:30:49
Sounds good enough to me too!

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SQL Natt Alfen

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Posted - 2006-01-03 : 14:56:45
Hi davidreed,

The first dynamic sql working on a text field that i have seen

There is also a undocumented proc in sql server "sp_execresultset".
Works a bit differently, but can execute very large resultsets.

create table #x(code varchar(8000))
insert #x
select 'select 1'
union all select 'union select 2'
union all select 'union select 3'
union all select 'union select 4'

--select code from #x

exec sp_execresultset @cmd = 'select code from #x'

drop table #x

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