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Posted - 2006-01-09 : 08:24:01
Binny John writes "I need to change the IP address of MS Sql Server 2000 SP3, which is in production. Is it possible? What are the risks involved."

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Posted - 2006-01-09 : 21:15:32
>> Is it possible?
Yes. It is possible. Just change the IP Address of the Server

>> What are the risks involved.
Any reference (client apps etc) to the SQLServer via the IP Address will be affected.
If the machine is not solely for SQL Server and is also used for other purposes like as an Application Server, these will be affected also.

>> I need to change the IP address of MS Sql Server 2000 SP3
Why do you need to do this ? You can add the new IP to the server and test all apps before removing the old IP.


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