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Posted - 2000-08-10 : 07:01:37
John writes "Hi, Is it possible to generate psuedo columns in a stored procedure and if so how? I.e. returns a result set with a column which doesn't exists on any of the tables involved in the query. I've looked into using a local variable but to no avail. Thanks." In this article we'll discuss creating computed columns based on other columns.

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Posted - 2005-11-22 : 11:14:19
Is it not possible to add a full text index to a computed column? It doesn't seem to allow this (says the table does not have a column called <blah>).

I'm trying to use CONTAINS to search multiple columns without resorting to dynamic SQL which will make recordset paging really difficult. Computed columns seemed like a good solution (to create a composite column) until I realised you can't index them.
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