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 Article: Returning @@IDENTITY back to an ASP Page

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Posted - 2000-08-17 : 19:30:46
Gareth writes "Hi, I'd be so relieved if you could sort this out . . . I'm trying to get the value of @@IDENTITY from SQL Server into an ASP variable (via a recordset) - however I get an ASP error reporting that the value in the recordset (selected as 'ident') can't be found. What's going on . . . Thanks!"

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Posted - 2008-05-28 : 12:28:19
I dont use ASP I use vb 2005. How would I get the answer to the @@identity in my vb2005 code?

Lonnie R Thomas
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Posted - 2008-05-28 : 12:48:25
with dataset and dataadapter or executescalar method of sqlcommand object.
if you're going to use executescalar then you have to return with "select @@identity" in your sproc.

also use scope_identity() instead of @@identity

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