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Posted - 2001-01-18 : 18:07:16
How the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Warehouse technologies map to the twenty criteria for a Dimensionally Friendly System, as characterized by Ralph Kimball.

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Posted - 2002-08-29 : 10:32:54
Hello I am currently working in an organization of companies. I was given a task to use the OLAP features of SQL Server 7.0 for our company. I would like to ask a question. My question is that " Is it possible to combine 13 databases which have almost the same tables to consolidate a report? Or in making a cube is it possible that these 13 databases is only dimension? We have different databases for each company and my boss wants that there is a summation of figures for these 13 databases." Please reply.

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Posted - 2002-08-29 : 10:55:56
I think what you want to make is a data warehouse, a big database that holds all the data from all the sources in one place.

Next you would build cube(s) off of that source. The thing to do is to massage all your data into the same format before it gets into the datawarehouse.

You say that all the databases may be one dimension, sounds to me like a terminology problem. They would all feed one data warehouse, perhaps just one cube depending on the queries you want to run, could quite easily be more. This depends on your data structure, and what you want to find out from your data.

Dimensions are the things you want to chop the data up by, eg Time, Location, Product, Customer etc

One last thing, I would recommend strongly that you use Analysis Services, the OLAP tool that comes with SQL Server 2000, as it is FAR better than the verion 7 product.

hope this gets you started


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