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Posting Yak Master

124 Posts

Posted - 2006-01-30 : 12:49:37
What is with all the "yak" stuff in these forums?

Cybernetic Yak Master

11752 Posts

Posted - 2006-01-30 : 13:22:30
YAK = you are kidding
YAK = a cool animal
YAK = probably graz's obsession

Go with the flow & have fun! Else fight the flow
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White Water Yakist

3467 Posts

Posted - 2006-01-30 : 13:27:27
Originally posted by Billkamm

What is with all the "yak" stuff in these forums?

... and you call yourself a Yak Posting Veteran ?
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SQL Slinging Yak Ranger

1537 Posts

Posted - 2006-01-30 : 13:28:53
We have found the and he is us.

[light bulb] Hey I never did get any royaltys for this design.

Users <> Logic
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Not Just a Number

15586 Posts

Posted - 2006-01-30 : 13:48:26
Do a search on the yak'll find a lot of interesting references...

Lookie what I found



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Chief SQLTeam Crack Dealer

4149 Posts

Posted - 2006-01-30 : 14:04:56
Heh. Years ago I worked at a company that was a little tight on cash. Somebody asked how much something cost and I replied that it was like 800 yak hooves. Nobody had any yak hooves so we couldn't buy it. Problem solved.

Later I began to pay bonuses in yak hooves which could be traded for beer and other sundry items. The exchange rate was always a little sketchy depending on the time of night, how much I'd had to drink, etc.

The cofounder of the site and one of my first authors were both part of the underground yak hoof economy. So the yak meme just followed us. It just seemed like a good way to make the site less stuffy.

Creating tomorrow's legacy systems today.
One crisis at a time.
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Aged Yak Warrior

841 Posts

Posted - 2007-05-08 : 11:54:13
great story
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Doug G
Constraint Violating Yak Guru

331 Posts

Posted - 2007-05-14 : 21:12:56
I always thought it referred to an old song by the Coasters :)

Doug G
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