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 Divide By Zero Error

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Posted - 2006-02-28 : 16:25:41
I am writing a report that deals with time in seconds. I am trying to figure out the average handle time for each call.
To Get this number i use 5 fields. the formula is

(((cs_acd_trk_t + cs_acd_ext_c)/(cs_acd_trk_c + cs_acd_ext_c)) + ((cs_t_acd_wrk)/(cs_acd_trk_c + cs_acd_ext_c))/(cs_acd_trk_c + cs_acd_ext_c))

Which translates to ((Incoming Handle Time) + (Work))/(Number of Incoming Calls)

When it does the calculations some times the cs_acd_trk_c + cs_acd_ext_c (number of incoming calls) is zero.

I dont know how to get around this ... i tried to set that value to <>0 in my query but it threw my other numbers off for number of calls which is a different value on the report.
Any Help on this would be super appreciated.

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Posted - 2006-02-28 : 17:16:33
what I typically do is test for the 0 in a case statement:

declare @a int
,@b int
select @a = 2
,@b = null

select case
when @a+@b is null = 0 then 0
else 10 / (@a + @b)
end as [noDevideByZeroError]

btw, you should use the t-sql forum or some other forum. Script Library is just for posting cool/helpfull code.

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Posted - 2006-03-04 : 02:45:08
Are you using crystal report for this?

Just add a code like :

NumberVar AvgHandleTime:=0;
If (Number of Incoming Calls) = 0 then
AvgHandleTime:=((Incoming Handle Time) + (Work))/(Number of Incoming Calls)

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