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Posted - 2006-05-06 : 07:47:58
If i run this command
set ansi_warnings off

declare @l_db_name varchar(95)
,@l_sql_string varchar(2000)

set nocount on
if object_id('DB_Growth') is not null
drop table DB_Growth
--Modified filename size
create table DB_Growth (Database_Name varchar(30), Logical_File_Name varchar(35), File_Size_MB int, Growth_Factor varchar(100))

declare db_name_cursor insensitive cursor
select name from master..sysdatabases

open db_name_cursor

fetch next from db_name_cursor into

While (@@fetch_status = 0)
--ceiling((growth * 8192)/(1024.0*1024.0))
--Modified size calculation so that G size databases could be handled.
select @l_sql_string = 'select ' + '''' +@l_db_name +'''' + ', name, ceiling((CONVERT(numeric(9,2),size)* 8192/(1024.0 * 1024.0))), case when status & 0x100000 = 0 then convert(varchar,ceiling((CONVERT(numeric(9,2),grow th)* 8192/(1024.0 * 1024.0)))) + '' MB''' + char(10)+char(13)
+ 'else convert (varchar, growth) + '' Percent''' + char(10)+char(13)
+ 'end' + char(10)+char(13)
+ 'from [' + @l_db_name + '].dbo.sysfiles' --Modified database name handler so that "-" could be used

insert into DB_Growth ([Database_Name], Logical_File_Name, File_Size_MB, Growth_Factor)

exec (@l_sql_string)

fetch next from db_name_cursor into
close db_name_cursor
deallocate db_name_cursor
select * from DB_Growth with (nolock)
if object_id('DB_Growth') is not null
drop table DB_Growth
set nocount off
set ansi_warnings on

Is it true to say that if i add the mg or * by percentage to my database size i can truely say that if there was no used space that this would be the amount of hard space i need...hard space actual disk space

Is it always the 8192


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