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Posted - 2006-05-10 : 08:17:37
Dan writes "First off, thanks for all the good work you guys have been doing. I read almost all of what you write and it has helped me become a better DBA. On that note...

I have 8 linked sql servers which contain the same table sturcture's etc... Just splitting up millions of records for faster performance. Now I need to match up 'reversed' records(one claim comes in... then later that claim is rejected, need to pull the original claim out) and remove them from the active tables. So i need to search thru all 8 server blades looking for them... Is it possible to write a stored proc to dynamically search thru all the blades thru linked server? Do i concatenate the full server path? server.database.owner.tablename?"

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Posted - 2006-05-10 : 08:21:01
I personally wouldn't use a linked server for this, although I'm sure it's possible to do so. I would export the reversed claim IDs to a text file, then have a scheduled job on each server import that file and delete claims that match those IDs. It should be pretty fast with bcp and/or BULK INSERT and you avoid having to do cross-server joins, which I've always found to be slow.
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Posted - 2006-05-10 : 08:48:40
Horizontal Federated Partitioned Views thingamajig that can efficiently query all the tables in one strike?

The various table-copies would need to have different constraints on their PK for this to work ...

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