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 Does StartDate and EndDate span specified month

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Posted - 2006-06-05 : 06:34:42

I've been asked this question at the weekend and was a bit annoyed that I couldn't work out an answer, so as usual i'm now determind to find out how to do it!

In a table I have a StartDate and EndDate column.

I want to select data from the table where the records span a given date range, which will be in months, so for example, to get data in the 2nd quarter I want to be able to say

select * from table where "the startdate and enddate span months 4 or 5 or 6"

Or perhaps more simply, If I have a StartDate of 01-Jan-2006 and an EndDate of 01-Aug-2006, how can I tell if March is covered by those two dates? Do I need to convert the range into numbers, like @Range='1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8' and then say WHERE '3' IN @Range maybe?

I'm sure there must be a simple answer, i've searched these forums and come up with nothing so far.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

In (Som, Ni, Yak)

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Posted - 2006-06-05 : 06:56:03
"the startdate and enddate span months 4 or 5 or 6"
Do you mean the number of months between startdate and enddate ?
use dateadiff(month, startdate, enddate)


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Posted - 2006-06-05 : 06:57:55
Select * from yourTable where yourDate between StartDate and Enddate


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Posted - 2006-06-05 : 07:00:45
You can use something like this...

declare @t table (StartDate datetime, EndDate datetime)
insert @t
select '20060101', '20060801' --covers all of March
union all select '20060101', '20060201' --does not cover March
union all select '20060101', '20060315' --covers some of March

select * from @t where '20060301' between StartDate and EndDate --1st March is covered
select * from @t where StartDate <= '20060301' and EndDate >= '20060331' --all of March is covered
select * from @t where StartDate <= '20060401' and EndDate >= '20060630' --March-June is covered
If this isn't the kind of thing you wanted, please post some sample data, example inputs and the results you would want.

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