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 Article: Selecting Based on a Version Field

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Posted - 2001-06-10 : 12:15:11
Sherry writes "I have a table with form_id, lta_id, type, version and other stuff. My users are allowed to fill out a form multiple times. I need to keep the old versions, but for computations, I only want to add up the newest version. The rest of Sherry's question is in the body of the article.

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Posted - 2006-03-15 : 10:43:00
I have looked at the post and have a simple question. Is it better to use the "WHERE" clause or use an "INNER JOIN"?

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Posted - 2006-03-15 : 11:52:59
use inner join to join table.
use where to filter data from the joined tables.

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Posted - 2006-03-16 : 18:32:30
I think he / she met performance wise would it be better to do a select with an inner select and use a WHERE statement to join the two tables or whether joining the tables is better. I would say that using the join would be more readable and would be a better performing query.

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Posted - 2007-01-19 : 09:43:44
I have a solution that returns all rows of the original table. Makes it more flexible if you have additional columns that may be added or removed. I did this in a view to return just the newest revisions.

To apply this to Sherry's example, change my version to her lta_id and my build to her version.

FROM Revisions as AllRevs
(SELECT NewRevs.version
FROM Revisions as NewRevs
WHERE AllRevs.version = NewRevs.version
GROUP BY NewRevs.version
ORDER BY AllRevs.version

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