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Posted - 2001-06-12 : 22:27:41
Prabhakanth writes "I am using SQLServer 2000.
I created a new database and ported data into it.At this stage the size of the database was 35MB. The initial growth percent was set at default(10%). There was no max size specified. Then the database went live and after two weeks the database size grew to 941MB. This is pretty strange as initial data that was ported was data for two months, and approximating the datasize/day entry to be around 2.5MB it would mean a max. size of around 70MB at the end of two weeks. The questions that i have in mind are:
Q1) Could you tell me as to why it has grown to 941MB?
Q2)The possible solutions for the above ?
Q3)Is it advisable to shrink it by a large percentage and see what happens?
Q4)Possible measures to keep the file growth in check,assuming a 2-4MB/DAY data entry.

PS: Pls reply at the earliest."

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