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 Profiler trace--> table, problem w/ binary data

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Posted - 2006-11-02 : 17:11:56
I have some profiler traces that I run which collect the usual stuff as well as the Show Plan All event class.

When run from the profiler GUI, I can see the StmtText in the bottom portion of the screen. However, when I load this trace into a SQL table to do some more in-depth analysis I can no longer see the StmtText.

What is the trick in converting the binarydata to something that can be read by a human? Anyone have any scripts, or links that shed some light on this? I googled around and found these KB articles that are on the right track, but are not specific to my question of how to display the show plan data.

btw, if I just collect the execution plan I have no problem viewing the text. This issue is only with the "Show Plan All" information. Thanks.


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Posted - 2007-04-09 : 14:51:56
I just started working on this myself today. I was able to see the information from the "Show Plan All" event in Profiler. I then saved that trace to a table. Then I loaded the table in Profiler. I was able to see the information in Profiler after loading from the table. I guess my question to you is what good is that data outside of Profiler? Are you trying to process that information in some way?
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