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 how does row locking work

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Posted - 2001-07-10 : 16:00:02
can anyone point me to documentation on how exactly row level locking works in sql 7? im STILL having to make my case against an ignorant dba that doesnt understand it at all (and yes, he is being PAID to know this stuff) ive proven it in production, ive shown him lock managment documentation from msdn, ive sent him link after link, and he still doesnt think it was meant to be used in an update statement. whats worse is he is pushing now and has been for a while to use cursors for multiple row updates. and since hes the dba and no one else here other than myself has had any degree of experience with developing for sql server.. im the one who has to make the case.
so any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.. links would be good (preferably) or just a detailed explanation..


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