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 Rename table affect indexes?

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Posted - 2006-12-05 : 04:25:50
I am trying to rename a table in a database. The table name is Message_Log and has about 300 Million records. This table has one clustered index and 5 non-clustered indexes. I want to rename it to Message_Log_200611. Then I create a new table with name Message_Log. Will this affect the indexes in old Message_Log table? Will the process takes long time to finish?

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Posted - 2006-12-05 : 04:30:11
* If using SQL 2000
Have to tables one with each user's last 100 messags or so, and one table for history purposes.
Create a view to select from both tables.

* If using SQL 2005
Use partitioned tables with 1 month of data for "top" partition, and the all other data in the other partition.

Peter Larsson
Helsingborg, Sweden
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Posted - 2006-12-05 : 05:29:15
Ok. May I know will the indexes in old Message_Log table be corrupted if i change the table name to Message_Log_200611? Will the process of renaming the table with 300 million records take long time to finish in 3 Giga hertzs processing speed server with 2 Giga byte RAM memory?
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