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Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2006-12-28 : 01:04:31
HI fys

Iam doing Earned Leave module..from jan to dec..totdays=150 (an employee worked)
EL days=for 20 days 1 day pay
(ie) totdays/20
150/20 =7.5 eldays to be paid to an employee
while dividing by 20 if the decimal place falls between .1 and .5 should be assigned to .5 and the result should be 7.5

while dividing by 20 if the decimal place falls > .5(for example 7.7,7.8 and so on) should be assigned to 1 and the result should be 8

can any one help???????

Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2006-12-28 : 09:32:21
Check out the ROUND function....

DECLARE @num decimal(10,2)
DECLARE @den decimal(10,2)

SET @num = 150
SET @den = 20

SELECT @num / @den, Round(@num / @den, 0)
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Premature Yak Congratulator

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Posted - 2007-01-01 : 02:57:46
Round will work for decimal values>=0.5
If you want it for >0.5, then tell us why?
Otherwise try


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