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 SQL Inner Join of two tables

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Posted - 2007-03-21 : 12:13:09
This is a continuation of a previous post but this time I'm much further along. I've been getting help (much appreicated) from others in the forum. However now that I can display one record from one table and display at least the html of two tables, but without the data, I now need to show not only the data from the two joined tables but be able to pull up a record based on it's ID number.

Example: http://test server IP address/test/GuestsLinks11.asp

Screen shot of this page:

More Screen Shots of tables in design and show all rows view:

Here is the entire ASP page code for your review:

on error resume next
set con = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
con.Open "File Name=E:\webservice\Kuow\Kuow.UDL"
set recProgram = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

strSQL = "SELECT g.GuestID, g.ProgramID, p.ProgramID AS Expr1, g.GuestName, g.GuestDescription, p.URL, p.Description FROM dbo.T_ProgramGuests g INNER JOIN dbo.T_ProgramLinks p ON g.GuestID = p.LinkID WHERE p.ProgramID = " & Request("ProgramID")

'strSQL = "SELECT dbo.T_ProgramGuests.GuestID, dbo.T_ProgramGuests.ProgramID, dbo.T_ProgramLinks.ProgramID AS Expr1, dbo.T_ProgramGuests.GuestName, dbo.T_ProgramGuests.GuestDescription, dbo.T_ProgramLinks.URL, dbo.T_ProgramLinks.Description FROM dbo.T_ProgramGuests INNER JOIN dbo.T_ProgramLinks ON dbo.T_ProgramGuests.GuestID = dbo.T_ProgramLinks.LinkID = " & Request("ProgramID")

'strSQL = "SELECT * GuestName, Description FROM T_ProgramGuests INNER JOIN T_ProgramLinks ON T_ProgramGuests.GuestName = T_ProgramLinks.URL = " & Request("ID")
recProgram.Open strSQL,con

' ORIGINAL SELECT STATEMENT...strSQL = "SELECT *, ProgramID AS Expr1, GuestName AS Expr2, GuestDescription AS Expr3 FROM T_ProgramGuests"

<TABLE border="1" cellspacing="0" border="1" width="70%">

<p><b>Guest Name and Description:</b></p>
<th width="35%" align="left">Guest Name</th>
<th width="45%" align="left">Guest Description</th>
<TD headers="t2"><%=recProgram.Fields("GuestName")%></TD>
<TD headers="t3"><%=recProgram.Fields("GuestDescription")%></TD>

<TABLE border="1" cellspacing="0" border="1" width="70%">
<br /><br />
<p><b>URL and Description:</b></p>
<th width="35%" align="left">URL</th>
<th width="45%" align="left">Description</th>
<TD headers="t4"><%=recProgram.Fields("URL")%></TD>
<TD headers="t5"><%=recProgram.Fields("Description")%></TD>
set recProgram = nothing
set con = nothing
'response.write err.Description


The basic idea here is this. I want the asp page (first URL) to not only show table headers "and" their data but I also want to be able to append to the test URL an ID number so I can prove that I can read a specific record by ID.

The question here is: how do I tweak my strSQL code to make it do this?

Example of what I mean:
http://IP address of test server/test/GuestsLinks11.asp?ID=9726

I can easily get the asp page to show only one record but I need it to show multiple records AND be able to append these record numbers (which I can see when I view all rows in Ent Mgr) to my test URL to prove that I can manually request a specific one.

Any help here is much appreciated. I hope I have provided enough information for you.

Thanks in advance!

Some additional information for you...

I used the g and the p as aliases. I hate to keep typing the table name. so here is where I give the tables the alias names.

I tested using the code exactly as indicated and it displays the tables and table names but does not show table data. What am I missing?

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