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Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2007-04-06 : 12:23:03
Every so often people (network admins / developers / managers) as me when stuff is scheduled to run on the server. Generally they would like to know when they should schedule long running nightly processes in a timeframe that will not conflict with other nightly jobs.

Does someone have a friendly format for this type of information?

Some of the challenges I see are in interpreting the results of the system tables. i.e. Start/End Times recurring jobs etc.

I looked through the forms a bit but their is a lot of content about problems with jobs.

Help appreciated,

j.enabled as job_enabled, as schedule_name,
s.enabled as schedule_enabled,
s.* from sysjobs j
join sysjobschedules s on j.job_id = s.job_id

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Almighty SQL Goddess

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Posted - 2007-04-06 : 12:53:26
If you are interested in a third party tool, check out Idera's SQLschedule.

We didn't purchase the tool as we don't have too many jobs to worry about, but the demo that they showed us seemed pretty good.

Tara Kizer
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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2007-04-06 : 13:59:29
Here's what I use:
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Constraint Violating Yak Guru

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Posted - 2007-04-06 : 15:50:50
The database Journal Script is perfect for my needs thank you both for the rapid response.

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