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 Multiple Backup Schemes Bad???

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Posting Yak Master

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Posted - 2007-04-06 : 14:24:59
Our network team backs up an entire server to a SAN or tape, including SQL databases (using SQL Server backups). That all works
pretty well. "just for good measure" We DBAs are working under the assumption that it is a good idea to take daily backups to disk with a maintenance plan. But I'm thinkin' - If both processes are backing up the log (and therefor truncating it), then neither process is getting a complete set of logs and NOBODY is going to be able to do a point-in-time recovery. Does that make sense?

Almighty SQL Goddess

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Posted - 2007-04-06 : 14:27:09
Have your network team immediately stop performing SQL backups. They are making it impossible to do a point in time recovery. The network team should only be copying your backup files to tape, they should not be performing SQL backups.

Check this out for why:

Tara Kizer
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Posted - 2007-04-08 : 02:48:48
We wrote a Stored Procedure that makes a backup. It makes it to a particular folder, with a particular filename-style, and records the fact in an "admin" table.

Whoever / Whatever makes a database backup uses this one stored procedure.

The Stored Procedure is used by any/all scheduled backup tasks, but also allows a developer, for example, to make a "just in case" backup before doing some task (they might want to make a full backup for faster recovery, or to reduce the size of subsequent DIFF backups after a big reorganisation, or just to make a TLog backup to make it easier to do a restore without having to work out the server-time-to-restore-to!)

IMHO that makes the chances of our disaster recovery plan being likely to work on any given day!

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