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Jon Foster
Starting Member

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Posted - 2007-05-22 : 08:51:58
Hi There,

I've just signed up to these forums in the hope someone can give me a quick word of advice with a SQL related issue I have.

I currently have Sql Server 2000 SP4 Standard edition running on a Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise edition SP2 server. I've been tasked with upgrading this server to Sql Server 2005 Enterprise edition and so I have created a replica of it isolated from our network.

Trouble is, when trialling an upgrade I get the message that my upgrade is blocked "because of edition upgrade rules. For more information see..."

So I've hunted through Sql Server 2005 Books online and have found a page on supported upgrade paths. It says I can go from Sql Server 2000 Standard Edition SP3 and later to SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition.

Does anyone know why I woud be receiving this error message?



Master Smack Fu Yak Hacker

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Posted - 2007-05-22 : 10:17:26
May need double check with Microsoft.
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Posted - 2007-05-22 : 12:10:30
Is it out of the question to fresh-install SQL 2005, and then Restore each of the databases?

(You'd have to sort out all the things that are currently in Master and MSDB databases, which might be a large job!)

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Jon Foster
Starting Member

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Posted - 2007-05-23 : 05:20:57
I think I may end up doing just that!

I've spent a good while searching into this error regarding the upgrade to no avail so rather than waste more time on that I think I'll just get busy doing a clean install.

Thanks for the replies.
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Starting Member

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Posted - 2007-05-23 : 06:23:59
BTW, what is the complete error message you are getting..? Try using these 2 links ;)

SQL Server 2005 upgrade advisor:
SQL Server 2005 upgrade handbook:

Deepak Kumar

Disclaimer: This post is provided as is with no rights & warranty for accuracy, for the sake of knowledge sharing only.
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Yak Posting Veteran

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Posted - 2007-05-25 : 14:21:46
I also tried to upgrade from EE/2000 to SE/2005 and could not do it. I ended up upgrading to Enterprise Edition/2005 and that worked. I would like to save the $$ as SE/2005 can use all the memory of the OS which is why we went with EE on this server in the 1st place...
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