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 Return a RS depending on other tables existence...

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Posted - 2001-08-24 : 13:02:41
Ante writes "Hi there,

This is my problem: I have one table with rows containing languanges and their languagecode (for example: English|en ... Swedish|sv ... and so on. Almost all languages of the world in fact.). Further more I have an unspecified number of tables that holds textrows in different languages. Theese tables are named according to the languagecode in my first table (example: texts_en ... texts_sv ... ).

Now I'm about to build a dynamic dropdown-/select-menu on a webpage, that only shall contain the languages that has a table named from that languagecode. For instance, if the tables texts_sv, texts_en and texts_ru exists, I want to loop through all the languages in the language-table, check if that language text-table exists, and only return a recordset with those languages that HAS a reffering text-table. I've tried building a stored procedure doing all this and returning what i want to my ASP-page, but with no luck...

I would really appreciate your help, and I hope the above text makes any sence at all? Thank you."

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