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 creating a temp table with out "#" ?

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Yak Posting Veteran

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Posted - 2007-07-31 : 16:16:32
Dont all temporary tables have to be created with a # sign at the front of the name ? Im looking through some code for a dts package, where one part of it is supposedly creating a temp table, but its not named with a #

huh ?

Almighty SQL Goddess

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Posted - 2007-07-31 : 16:21:24
Then it isn't a temp table.

People use this term also for tables that exist only during a batch process. The fact that it is created in the beginning of the batch and dropped at the end makes it temporary to the database in terms of time only, but it is not a temp table.

Tara Kizer
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Not Just a Number

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Posted - 2007-07-31 : 16:25:15
I call them staging tables

They need to get their terminolgy straight

I would also not DROP and Create Tables all the time. If it's required for a process, then just TRUNCATE it.



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