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 Article: Understanding the Difference between Owners and Schemas in SQL Server

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Posted - 2007-10-05 : 08:57:20

SQL Server 2005 introduces the concept of schemas as opposed to object owners found in previous versions. This article will explain the differences between the two and, hopefully, clear up some of the confusion that still exists about schemas.

Read Understanding the Difference between Owners and Schemas in SQL Server

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Posted - 2007-10-05 : 17:54:35
Thanks for the article Kathi!
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Posted - 2007-10-18 : 06:25:59
Hi there,

I'm coming from Oracle world, and I've been struggling to have developpers understand the advantage of using schemas, in a similar fashion on Oracle and SQL Server.

I like the idea of a -DEFAULT- schema in certain circomstances, but you can't assign it to a db user if it's mapped to a Windows group/user login.
Now, we try to use ONLY Windows groups as instance logins, following Microsoft recommandation.

I've seen few questions about this fact on the web, but no answer.

Does anyone here know, if it will be implemented in a future fix / SP / release ?
And why it is not ? Security issue, I guess, but can't figure it out...

As for your article, I would like to add, as of schemas benefits, that granting control or select on an entire schema, is more secure, and equivalent in a developper's view, to
granting db_owner or db_datareader on a database.
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Posted - 2009-05-15 : 12:24:46
Can you inherit from a schema? For example, say I created a base set of tables (in schema dbo) for an application but wanted to create extension tables for different customers. If I create a SchemaForCustomerA could they inherit tables from schema dbo or would they just use them?

Thank You.
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