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Posted - 2001-10-02 : 10:08:53
Andrew writes "What's the real deal with SAN vs. NAS?

We have a large database (many tables, millions of rows, 700+GB) that we may be implementing in SQL Server 7

We're looking at SAN solutions from EMC and NAS solutions from Network Appliance.

Network Appliance make great play of the fact they are the only MS-approved NAS vendor for SQL Server.

EMC state you should never put SQL Server data on a NAS.

Clearly, both are biassed ;)

For their part, Network Appliance hint that there are some limitations in support but neither their site nor MS's detail what they may be.

Can you tell me the real differences and limitations?
Should I go NAS or SAN?

Given that the databases are used as a web back-end with approx 9 million hits/day (4-6 SQL Servers, multiple front-end boxes), will I really notice the difference between SAN's Fiber Channel link vs. Gig-E on the Network Appliance? (Yes, I know this is kind of like asking how long a piece of string is, but you know how it goes ;)"

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