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 Strange issue with site..

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Posted - 2008-02-22 : 17:18:23
I have a minor strange issue with a site I am working on and am not sure why. It doesnt cause a bug or error but its just an annoyance. I have shown the image below...but look at when I click on a page how the page kind of moves slightly to the left each time I tab over and click on a new tab and then move. Mainly it happens on the right side moving to the left but in some case if I move down then I get movement in my buttons as well...

Anyone know why this would be happening ?

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Posted - 2008-02-22 : 17:28:27
Here is another video of my issues, notice when I try to click the calendar days how difficult it is..for some reason the page moves...

Anything I can do to make this page sit without moving when clicking these tabs, I do not have any back end code that causes this...

See the video:

Weblog -- [url][/url]
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