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Posted - 2010-03-22 : 16:31:00

I am new to Service brokers. I have a question regarding the message processing.

If I send 4-5 messages from one server to another in a span of milli seconds, are the messages processed in the same order that they are sent?

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Posted - 2010-03-22 : 18:32:28
yes. the order is guaranteed.

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Posted - 2010-03-22 : 23:59:15
In traditional reliable messaging applications, it's easy to get messages delivered out of order. For example, application A sends messages 1, 2, and 3. Application B receives and acknowledges 1 and 3, but experiences an error with 2, so application A resends it. However, now 2 is received after 3. Traditionally, programmers dealt with this problem by writing the application so that order didn't matter, or by temporarily caching 3 until 2 arrived so the messages could be processed in order. In contrast, Service Broker handles this transparently, so all messages in a dialog are received in the order sent, with no gaps in the message sequence.
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